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September 13, 2011 / mandyhyj

Assignment 1


sun path diagram 1

sun path diagram correction

What times of year and times of day make up the primary solar window?

The solar window according to the graph is from 8am-5pm in the summer, and 9am-4pm in the winter.

How might you respond to this as an architect with respect to the siting and orientation of your meeting place?

I would use different structure on the four different sides to mediate heat transfers. For example, on the south side, I would use louvers to block direct sun light so that the building will not heat up too quickly. However, in the winder, warm sunlight is desired. So i would make the louver system movable so that it will allow more sunlight in the winder time and provide more natural heating to the building.

I would also use water to maintain the temperature around the building. Water is a good source of maintaining temperature because it has a big heat capacity. The building is set in a relatively open ground, thus has good air circulation. I can construct small water ponds behind the house so the wind will carry water vapor around the house creating a cooling effect during the hot time of the day. When the sun sets and temperature decreases, areas around water will be warmer since water releases heat slower than other material.



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  1. vd2sa / Sep 13 2011 4:17 pm

    Ni Hao there! Nice insight about how to respond to the solar window. Did you mark the position of the sun in your joiner? And how about the azymuth? I hope that helps; Love Victor

    • mandyhyj / Sep 13 2011 6:57 pm

      Merci!! so I edited the diagram and added in the position of the sun at the time I took the picture.

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