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September 21, 2011 / mandyhyj

the Bay Game I

Today we started on the Bay  Game. I’m a waterman at eastern shore. Though we didn’t get the chance to actually play the game, we started discussion about how each role’s feedback loops would be like during workshop. As we started thinking about the loop, there came the question: different people may have different goals even if they are playing the same role. For example, some waterman could be profit-driven, and others could be environment-aware. Each unit of the system may have different intentions and they may not reflect the goal of the system as whole. For example, a profit-driven waterman would catch as much fish as he can and totally deplete the fish stock in the bay. However, it is definitely not the ultimate goal of the whole ecosystem. This idea ties back to first week’s reading. Meadows talked about subunits and the system “in fact, one of the most frustrating aspects of systems is that the purposes of subunits may ad up to an overall behavior that no one wants.” In this case, one of the undesired results was caused by tragedy of the commons. And I think one of the only ways to solve the root problem is to educate the subunits of the system.

Just some initial thoughts about the game. more reactions coming next week.


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