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October 4, 2011 / mandyhyj

assignment 2


2. During the game, I was very lost in the beginning. And one thing I realized  was that those people who didn’t understand how the system works started to discuss amongst themselves, share decisions they’ve made and profits/results they’ve achieved. Though nobody fully understood how it worked at the beginning, but through a collective process, we sort of figured out how the process ran. I think this self-initiated information sharing process is something I didn’t realize before. about system. A system has a self-gathering and self-correction function that brings certain members of the group together, to solve a problem. The information of one single individual may not be the most accurate, the gathering, filtering and discussion of these information, would produce a conclusion that consolidates opinions form individual members. This function/process in real life, could be a public hearing, city council meeting.

3. I was a waterman at the Eastern Shore. One strategy I would propose is to allow player to form allies. For example, watermen from the same watershed are allowed to act collectively, or to combine certain amount of their resources to make decision.

Meadows talked about how different units in a system could have diverse purposes, and individual tends to behave in a way such that the individual would gain the maximum benefit. Thus, by uniting the players together, we can avoid one waterman over-harvesting. By bonding them together, each of them would get a guaranteed fair share of the total profit, and at the same time they would not have to worry about crab resource in the bay being depleted by other watermen because all the watermen make a carefully calculated decision together to make sure that the totally amount harvested is desired.

However, the players might still have the tendency to secretly harvest crabs beyond the agreed amount. Then there should be certain punishment to accompany this strategy. Whoever forms a union with another must obey the terms, or he/she will be banned from the game for one round. And the regulator could step in to ensure members of the union are not cheating.

In reality, this strategy takes in different forms, like the World Trade Organization, and the UN. Each member has to obey certain rules in order to get guaranteed protection from the union.

Hence, through the formation of unions, individual diverse purposes are resolved into a bigger purpose(s) of the union. And profit of each player is more stable and predictable.


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