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October 18, 2011 / mandyhyj

Assignment 3

In this assignment, I chose the time period from 6pm to 10pm on a Saturday night for the study of energy consumption pattern. During this time, the main activities I do are:

  • 6-8pm Dinner 
  • Making dinner
  • Eating dinner
  • 8-9pm Grocery
  • Drive to and back from the grocery store
  • 9-10pm Entertainment 
  • Surf the Internet on my laptop

During this period of time, energy is consumed in different form to perform different tasks: to enable body function like walking around the grocery store and driving a car, to enable a car to move, to make a computer function, to provide heat for cooking, to control the temperature in the house and in the grocery store, etc. To sum up, the main “destinations” of energy are body function, transportation, entertainment, temperature control, cooking and of course energy losses in almost every stage of energy conversion. From these needs, I traced back to where these different types of energy came from and then made a diagram.

From the diagram, I can see that there are some ways I can change the global impact of my web. At the scale of the individual, I could have walked to the grocery store, or to take public transport, so that to decrease the energy consumption by transportation and thus reduce the need for petroleum and ultimately use less resource those are required for petroleum extraction.  At the scale of the habitable space, we could have designed buildings more efficiently/encourage passive design, so that the amount of energy used for temperature control would be less. This will ultimately lead to less consumption of water, wind, coal, natural gas etc. At the scale of infrastructural network, we could design more efficient energy transmission systems so that less energy would be lost during transmission. Also we could use more wind, hydro and solar electricity generators instead of conventional coal generators.


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  1. D. Skipper / Oct 25 2011 12:08 pm

    How are the elements that you use for your lights/food/water different from those that we use in the United States? How are the sources that you get your resources from different from the ones in the US as well. Being from a different country, I think it would be interesting for you to further explain how you believe things are different at home than how they are in the dorms/apartments at UVA.

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