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December 9, 2011 / mandyhyj

Guest Lecture Response

On 29th November, we had a guest lecture by Carries and Kevin Burke. They shared some of their design principles and some projects.

One thing strikes me about their design is the effort and precision they put into consideration of human experience of the built environment. They are able to think and work at different scales. And the consideration of human and human-environment relation is always the foundation of their thinking.

The 10 Hannover Principles summarizes this mindset that we need to keep while exercise the technology.

They also went on talking about one of the readings we did earlier this semester: Cradle to Cradle. They believe that design and science coming together creating positive impacts with design. Take–> Make –> Waste is a Cradle to Grave design paradigm, and what they want to do is to change this paradigm to a new Cradle to Cradle paradigm.

I liked their Timepiece project a lot. The awareness of Sun and the feeling of attachment and connection with the nature is elicited through the track of the sun position. The relation between the sun and human activity is explicitly presented. It reminds me of the question that Professor Sherman asked during the first class: how many of you knows where the Sun is now at this time of the day? I remember I was among one of those who had no idea. And the sun dial competition we had, is also about to learn to predict the position of the sun. We orient our sun in our local environment and try to position and somehow record it within the local scale; at the same time, we orient our activities according on the conditions of the larger scale, replying on the Sun, the light and the dark.



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